LG display Quick take

LG is one of the major display and TV manufacturers in the world. They have been pioneering large size organic led panels for awhile. There was a battle of OLED technologies with samsung and LG seemed to have won at least for now. Nearly all TV makes that have OLED in their lineup, have LG panel inside them. All OLED from Sony, LG, and Panasonic have been getting great reviews.

You can checkout professional reviews of those in here:


Investment thesis looks also lucrative from valuation stand point against forecasts.

Check this fastgraphs image.

LPL LG display Quick take


If we look and trust 2019 earnings forecast, current price level looks very nice. Earnings are forecasted to decline this year though but I look bit further away.  I see about 20% yearly return for the stock if all goes well. Fast graphs suggest even higher than that but I think stock might get hit when earnings hit for this year.

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