Interesting shadow play cannabis stock

Cannabis stocks are again very popular as progress in legalization is progressing globally quit fast. I have invested a large sum to IIPR , Innovative industrial properties, a cannabis REIT. But now I have found interesting stock related to the industry.

EnWave Corporation licenses, builds, and installs commercial-scale dehydration platforms for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors to manufacturing companies in Canada. Their customers are now also to within cannabis industry.

Typical products to use technology are dried foods

Unlock New Product Opportunities with Innovative Dehydration Technology

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Cannabis is a growing industry which also needs drying technology in industrial scale.

Their earnings are also turning positive after long years of operating at loss.

image Interesting shadow play cannabis stock

Fastgraphs estimations:

image-1 Interesting shadow play cannabis stock

This is very interesting opportunity as stock might pick up nicely. Of course stock is very risky as market cap is under $200M and will fall hard if growth story does not hold.

Disclosure I own shares in Enwave

Keep on Investing!

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