Dividend portfolio selected for the battle!


dividends_28_3_2017 Dividend portfolio selected for the battle!

Crown Castle.

“As the nation’s largest provider of shared wireless infrastructure, we’re helping enable the essential services that people rely on to stay in touch, conduct business, and live their lives every day. Since 1994, we’ve worked diligently to build our US footprint—collaborating closely with wireless carriers, communities, governments, and local property owners to provide access to the infrastructure they need. Today, access to technology and information is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.”  US wireless internet still lags behind most European countries. This means there is room to grow with huge number of 3-4G enabled phones and computers keep risks very low.


Physicians Realty Trust

“Physicians Realty Trust (NYSE:DOC) is a self-managed healthcare real estate investment trust that acquires, owns and manages healthcare properties that are leased to physicians, hospitals and healthcare delivery systems and other healthcare providers. Our properties are typically on a campus with a hospital or strategically located and affiliated with a hospital or physician organization.” There is no end to old folks needing health care more and more.


Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior, S.A.

“Bladex has been serving the Latin American market since 1979, meeting the capitalization needs of other banks in the Region, as well as granting financing to medium and large-sized corporations to support their business operations.” Major bank in Latin American growth market means strong growths prospects with already fair dividend yield.


Triangle Capital Corporation

“Our goal is to be the premier provider of capital to companies operating in the lower middle market.  Triangle Capital Corporation (NYSE: TCAP) is a publicly traded, internally managed business development company (“BDC”). We offer a wide variety of investment structures, with a primary focus on junior capital – debt and equity, for lower middle market companies.  We typically invest $5 to $50 million for:  • Acquisition Financings • Leveraged Buyouts • Management Buyouts • Recapitalizations • Growth Financings • ESOPs” High yield BDC will give strong cash flow to portfolio. This will give flexibility on taking upon opportunities when they arrive.


Hannon Armstrong

“Hannon Armstrong is a leading investor in sustainable infrastructure, including energy efficiency and renewable energy. We focus on providing preferred or senior level capital to established sponsors and high credit quality obligors, such as U.S. federal, state and local governments, Global 1000 corporations and private developers, for assets that generate long-term, recurring and predictable cash flows.  Our management team has extensive industry knowledge and experience, having completed its first renewable energy financing more than 25 years ago and its first energy efficiency financing over 15 years ago.” This REIT focusing on renewable energy infrastructure operating as lender. So basically this is like mortgage REIT for infrastructure industry. Company focuses  to sustainable projects such as increasing energy efficiency, wind power parks, solar energy plants etc. I see this as low risk operation as energy infrastructure is always needed and there is always need for companies to save on energy costs. Trump can’t change the fact that renewable energy is competitive with fossil fuels in most parts of the country. Clean tech as whole is one strong sector driving growth in industrial countries.


I have to say I am far more confident with this portfolio than the growth portfolio. Growth stocks are more risky and five stocks is too low number for risky stocks. But I might take just one winner in growth portfolio to end the race if we hit jackpot 🙂  I still invest in all of the companies but there are like 200 different stocks in my real portfolio so company risk is minimal.


Keep on investing!




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