Beyond Meat,BYND is clearly overvalued

Hype behind Beyond Meat has been strong in IPO of stock soaring 170% on first trading only after IPO was priced up. I noticed this article on Seeking Alpha about it by Ian Croci

He values the company to be worth about 3.6 billion. It is now trading at 3.9 billion. However even if overvalued slightly, it does not seem to make sense after accessible marked is estimated. Optionbull commenter noted that size of beef market in US is 60 billion per year. The company would have gain 25% of the beef market to get the needed cashflow in 10 years. Something tells me that there won’t be just one vege protein stake option in the markets.

Despite my view, I strongly am against of shorting against stocks like these because they are hype stocks. Market can stay crazy longer than I can stay solvent. Some stocks get free pass on numbers like Tesla from the market but not from me.

Keep on investing!

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