Magna international made Sony’s EV on CES 2020- Here is how company valuation looks

Magna international is a Canadian auto parts company with contracts that span over the whole auto sector. Car demand is now weak in whole sector but EV production is ramping up fast.

Magna designed and manufactured Sony’s electric car concept which was presented in CES 2020.

sony-car-796x418 Magna international made Sony's EV on CES 2020- Here is how company valuation looks

Looks far more than regular concept. Will they make this? We don’t know yet but for now it only showcases Sony’s car tech.

Magna is now fairly valued respect to earnings expectations

image-1024x657 Magna international made Sony's EV on CES 2020- Here is how company valuation looks

If forecasted growth is matched, investors could enjoy 20% yearly gains in returns.

I don’t own Magna or have plans to buy it for now but valuation looks attractive.

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Trulieve, a rare gem among cannabis stocks

Trulieve(CSE:TRUL) is the largest medical cannabis provider in California owning over 50% of the market. But that is not the best thing. The best part is that this company is highly profitable. With P/E value of 10, it is also cheap with this traditional valuation metric.

Analyzing the fundamental picture with fast graphs can give some hint of the valuation overall case.

image Trulieve, a rare gem among cannabis stocks

With the P/E valuation fit to estimates, this would give you 19% annual rate of return. However this is very rough as company has been performing much better lately and there is a high probability that earnings estimates are too low for the company.

As I wrote before, legalization of weed in United states is progressing and Trulieve(CSE:TRUL) is in an excellent position to take advantage of new markets. It is very likely that consolidation will happen in the industry and Trulieve is bought as it has very good position and profitability. I see future valuation for stock to be something like 30 CAD.

Here is their investor presentation for more info

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House panel passes weed bill – State wide legalization closer

The House Judiciary Committee, controlled by Democrats, has voted 24-10 in favor of a bill to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. Several Republicans on the committee backed the bill as well, dubbed the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act.

The MORE Act has more than 50 co-sponsors in the House.

The going will undoubtedly be slower in the GOP-controlled Senate. Democratic Senators Kamala Harris (CA), Cory Booker (NJ) and Elizabeth Warren (MA) are supporters.

Trulieve is a great performing marijuana company with solid fundamentals and growth. Seriously undervalued still compared to competitors that can’t make profit. You can trade this with pink sheets OTC:TCNNF or from Canada CSE:TRUL. I own shares in this. I have sold my shares of IIPR for now due to higher probability of harder competitive landscape for Cananbis REIT with easy cash available from all kinds of sources.

Robert Shiller:Narrative Economics

Excellent podcast in Masters in Business series with Robert Shiller about story economics and other stuff like negative interest rates are practically same as gold standard as you are charged if someone stores currency for you. He also mentions that #bitcoin has similarities about reluctance of people when gold standard was abandoned. Enjoy!

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