Russian money ties with Trump in US elections

Money talks with Trump…da da

lovewins Russian money ties with Trump in US elections

Trump and Putin /GETTY IMAGES 

Sadly money seems to Russian money. Trump business in hotels has not been great and he is in debt for hundreds of millions. US banks seem to be denying loans to him because of this. According to Bloomberg Trump is currently 630 million in debt. Debt has risen from 350 million in a year. I was some what curious why Trump was so Russia friendly in speeches and even considering military support to NATO allies in Europe. has article that Trump depends on Russian money. The candidate that everybody believed not to need any external campaign funding. So it seems to be that he is singing the Russian friendly songs for a reason,a reason worth millions of dollars. In addition,campaign chief of Hillary Clinton,Robby Mook believes that Russian government is behind recent break-in to democratic party IT system. According to Washington Post interviewed expert Richard Barger, hacking group involved with the incident has ties to Russia.

I don’t usually care to write anything politically related but this is great threat for investors and whole world. Wall Street fears that Trump gets elected and now it seems that candidate of patriot rednecks is ass kissing Russia for money is too much. One of the presidential candidates of most powerful nations seems to be Russian spoof? Even construction project called ‘Soho’ in New York is partly funded by Kazakhstanian and Russian business men that have be convicted in crimes have connection to Russian Mafia. Son of him told about Russian money flying to family company. If you are in US, consider this when voting. I am very right wing liberal but seems to be that the Republican candidate is everything but president material.,,

Keep on investing and hope for the best for the election!

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