Stock battle check

growth16_6_2017 Stock battle check

Growth portfolio has had 8.36% total return from the start. Only lagger is Nucor for now but they are still making much better result than last year but consensus wanted more from last quarter.

dividends_16_6_2017 Stock battle check

The dividend portfolio total return has been 4.88%. Triangle and BLX are the laggers here. Triangle however pays strong dividend.


Dividend emprire strikes back!

Growth got a great start but now dividend portfolio kicked in like honda VTEC.

Vtecdriver Dividend emprire strikes back!


Dividend portfolio


dividend_week2 Dividend emprire strikes back!

HASI has been great grower  in the portoflio and DOC also gained in price. HASI and DOC also paid dividends already and I invested them(virtually) to TCAP as it was down the most at that time.


Growth portfolio


growth_week2 Dividend emprire strikes back!

So CTRP keeps going down sharp and drags porfolio return to negative. NUE just got possitive artice on seeking alpha:


Keep on investing!

Stock battle first blood (week one results)

One week behind. Here is the progress :


dividend_week1 Stock battle first blood  (week one results)



growth_week1 Stock battle first blood  (week one results)

Here are total values with cash (no much dividends in first week for either)

week1 Stock battle first blood  (week one results)

So growth is currently in lead but we are just starting 🙂 TCAP was the only decliner and best return went for FDX


Keep on investing!