Portfolio simulator selected for the battle

When I searched for good portfolio virtual trading tool, I trusted Google once again. Investopedia’s stock simulator game in top. I registered for the site and joined open “Investopedia Stock Only Game 2017” challenge or game to join with my Growth portfolio. I tried to make new portfolio but that was not possible for same game so I joined another one “1 million dollar challenge”.

  • Both portfolios will have 1 million dollars or virtual cash to start with.
  • They will be just buy and hold for simplicity.
  • All stocks will be from my real portfolio so I will have skin in the game.
  • Only five stocks per portfolio
  • My nick in the system is “Dividendmaster”


Portfolio includes many useful tabs like trade history, performance history and also related stock analysis news.

portfolio_view Portfolio simulator selected for the battle
Portfolio features in Investopedia simulator


You will have to actually make trades like in real system by giving order type, searching ticker and waiting for order to execute. Stock prices are drawn from BATS service.

trade_view-300x198 Portfolio simulator selected for the battle

Seems good so far. I noticed that system might take for awhile to full even market orders but I seems to be working anyhow.

Here is link to the simulator: click


Next I will reveal the growth portfolio so stay tuned and keep on investing!

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