Friend started investing with my initial tips

Just wanted to share that my friend just started his investing hobby. So some of my preaching on glory of investing has paid of.

footprint-495924_640 Friend started investing with my initial tips
Taking baby steps


What we did was that we opened a brokerage account at (operates in Nordic region) and did a investing plan to excel.

He had 10 thousand euros as starting capital but only 50% of it is purely money that is not needed for anything else. So as a plan we moved the 5000 to brokerage account and rest stayed in normal bank account. Plan is that he will also invest month like 200 euros and this will partly come from the money left to bank account.


For starting portfolio we planned to invest in the following:

DON (WisdomTree MidCap Dividend ETF)

V (Visa)

VNQ (Vaquard REIT ETF)

Norvestia (Finnish dividend stock)

Nordnet superfund Finland (index fund investing in Finland which has zero expense ratio by the brokerage Nordnet)


We also played around with ideas to invest in BDCS business development company ETN for dividend flow but I recommended to think and study meanwhile to learn some basics.

As homework we decided put him to read recent investing book written in Finnish which introduces reader to most famous investor philosophies. The title of the book is “Sijoita kuin guru ” which means invest like a guru.

Also recommended him to familiarise himself to use for stock price information and how to use screener at to investigate differences with ETFs.


We also talked about diversification over time period.But in the end we decided that for this initial step and sum of money, we planned to go all in right away.

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