Small cap high yield!, Dividend opportunities in Canada part 2

As a continuation of previous article , this focuses of some other alternatives. Here are options with two REITs and one investment company. Small cap high yield companies!


Dream Global REIT

dream Small cap high yield!, Dividend opportunities in Canada part 2

This REIT actually does not have anything to do with apart from fact that it is listed there.

Dream Global REIT is an unincorporated, open-ended real estate investment trust that provides the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate outside of Canada” 

With a diversified, growth-oriented portfolio of commercial properties, we aim to provide investors with stable, sustainable and growing cash flows. We invest in markets with a stable business and operating environment, a liquid market for real estate investments, a legal framework that provides adequate rights and protections for property owners and a manageable foreign investment regime.

Dream Global REIT enables investors to diversify their holdings, as Canada’s major pension plans and other large institutional investors have done, by incorporating international commercial real estate into their portfolios. At the same time, investors have the benefit of a well-managed REIT and a proven management team.”


Here you can see which kind of assets they own:

So all of the assets are in Germany and Austria. They can also be classified as high class office buildings.

Price curve and current yield is displayed in the figure below.

dream2 Small cap high yield!, Dividend opportunities in Canada part 2

BTB Real Estate Investment Trust

BTBlogo-300x107 Small cap high yield!, Dividend opportunities in Canada part 2

BTB is a real estate investment trust listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. BTB is an important owner of properties in eastern Canada. BTB owns 72 commercial, office and industrial properties for a total of more than 5.1 million square feet. BTB’s asset value is approximately $665M.

Unlike the previous, this REIT operates also in retail and industrial sector in addition to offices.

Current distribution is $0.035 per month which means 9.3% with current stock price of $4.5. So again small cap high yield company. Price has been really stable so dividend is likely the only return investors will get. In opinion +9% for a REIT is enough return per year.

getChart Small cap high yield!, Dividend opportunities in Canada part 2

Full portfolio of BTB is presented here:


Decisive dividend corporation

decicive_corporation-300x90 Small cap high yield!, Dividend opportunities in Canada part 2

Yes that is actually the real name of the stock. This small cap investment company investing in non listed companies in Canada and USA.

“Decisive was established to acquire a growing stable of successful companies for the long term that will provide steady and growing dividend payments to our shareholders.”

We look for high quality businesses with great people and attractive growth prospects. We look to retain existing management and partner with them to build value. We look to forge long term relationships built on trust and mutual interest.

We are not just deal makers, we are in it together. We are not day to day operators, we maintain a strategic focus. We do not buy a company to sell it, we make long term commitments to our partners.

We are interested in companies based in North America requiring an investment up to $25 million.


We look for opportunities to acquire private companies that fit the following criteria:

  • An established operating history.
  • Capable and experienced senior management.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Growth potential in both revenue and earnings.
  • Sustainable EBITDA in the $2 million to $6 million range
  • Operations based in North America.
  • No early stage, cyclical, technology or hospitality.

We have a preference for manufacturing and processing businesses.


Portfolio of this company is not long or well diversified. It currently includes two companies Unicast  which makes mining steel equipment and Blaze King which makes high quality stoves(wood and gas). Only two companies but both have good demand for product locally and no international sales are needed to grow for now.

Current stock price is $3.28 and yield is 8.7%.  Dividend might be momentarily cut for acquisitions but I feel that financing is available quite well still and cutting dividend will not be needed.


So there you have it .Three small cap high yield companies with low market cap with room to grow. These are more risky than larger cap dividend stocks but small cap high yield companies can provide very high returns when they start to take steps to grow while paying also dividends.

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